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All requests for fund raising events for registered Charities must attach a letter from the charity stating you have registered or permission to use their name. Fees  includes  local travel costs, sick pay, holiday pay, insurance, overtime,commissions and income tax.

As professional performers they do not offer services in lieu of any requests as this is their livelihood.

Teller Of Fortunes



Ever had a Gypsy read your cards? Be entertained and entranced with forecasts of your future. With many years of experience and highly attuned skills, Fortune Telling makes for a highly entertaining and unique addition to your event. All theming is supplied so you can set your fortune tellers up anywhere and be guaranteed that they will look the part. With special decks and also readings for teens and children, Fortune Telling engages people from all ages, and from all walks of life.

Bring the magic of tarot and fortune-telling to your audience for an experience that will entertain, amaze, and get everyone talking!

Games Night – Melbourne

Games Night – Melbourne (CODE – 230Mcg)


A Games Night is a fun competition of team against team tailored to suit your group. The emphasis is on entertainment and each round is a different format of quiz questions designed to suit different peoples abilities. This is not your usual trivia night as our Games show feature different rounds where the emphasis is on having fun and not who is the smartest.
A usual nights format is:
General Trivia. A selection of various fun questions
Music Quiz. Choose the song name and the artist

Pick your face. Celebrity and sports photographs are projected onto our screen and you have to guess who they are or who is their current partner. A good round for those that read womens magazines. Film Quiz. Short film grabs are projected onto the screen and you have to choose the name of the film
Television themes. Guess the theme from the current and past television themes

Match the word. Can you think of a good excuse for missing work starting with the letter T?
Sing the next Line. We speak a line from a popular song and you have to “sing the next line”
There are many other rounds we can include including Who wants to be a Millionaire, Karaoke challenge, Gender Bender, Race around the world and more. Talk to us about arranging a night that suits your guests.
Nothing is taken too seriously and none of the games are very hard. This is a trivia night for the intellectually challenged! We can also add a theme and include special questions on your corporation. Best done over dinner with music included usually between entree and main, (30 minutes) between main and dessert (30 minutes) and then finish after dessert (30 minutes).
Included a comic host, music and PA system.

Horse Race game – Melbourne


Horse Race game – Melbourne (CODE – 230MCR)


An interactive and entertaining horse race event for indoor or outdoor use including betting and “live” horse racing (without the horses). Available in Victoria only

How it Works
Each punter is given a starting pot of $1000 “dollars” to bet as they like on each race – only one bet on a win is taken.
Each race features six “horses” selected from your guests. Two large dice are thrown, the first selects the horse that will be moving and the second dice selects the number of places it will move. The dice are thrown again and again until one “horse” makes it to the end of the track to be the winner. As the race progresses and horses move our comic host builds the excitement just like a real horse race.
Winnings are automatically displayed and the leading punters are indicated. During the night there are more races with different odds, quinella’s and “hurdles” to overcome as horses may land on problem squares containing such instructions as “move back 3 spaces”, horse racing trivia questions or a physical challenge! At the end of a possible six race program the leading punter is recognised!
There can also be a prize for the winner of each race.
What we Supply
Large (10m x 4 m) track including fencing, dice and six “horses”. Computer program that automatically calculates odds and projects winnings, race books and host/compere. A NIght at the Races can easily be placed around a sit down meal or stand up finger food either indoors or outdoors, day or night. We do not normally supply prizes but can quote for this if required.